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2º Contact the university

It is essential to understand the specific admission conditions of the destination university

  • Different types of international students. University admission criteria can change depending on the type of international student. You can check what type of student you are by clicking on the link below.
  • Contact the university where you would like to study to find out about the admission criteria based on the courses you have studied and the country of origin:
  • Check if the University accepts UNEDasiss Accreditation. You may find that you will have to meet specific university requirements in order to request a place there, so we recommend that you ask the university about the following:
      • If they use the admissions score used for UNEDasiss accreditation or if they calculate it in another way.
      • If you have to accredit a Bachillerato Mode.
      • If there is a minimum number of tests (PCE) that you must take or pass and if there are any tests you must take on a specific subject. Sometimes you might be required to take tests on the same subjects as Spanish students called EBAU.
      • If there is any language accreditation requirement.
  • For degree courses with limited places, find out what subjects help to improve your admissions score. Accordingly, you should take a look at the university’s weighted tables.
  • Find out the cut-off scores for previous session periods for the courses you want to study. This way you will have a better idea of the pre-requisites.
  • Check what accreditation services you will need for your application. Find out more about the accreditation services by clicking here.