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Fees and regulations

The call for accreditation applications opens in February and closes on December 1st of the same year. During that period, you may access the online application form by logging onto the UNEDasiss website.

The fees to be paid for UNEDasiss accreditations, which have been approved by UNED’s top decision-making boards (i.e Consejo de Gobierno and Consejo Social) include the following:

No exemptions or waivers shall be applied to these fees. 

Students must pay the fees pertaining to the accreditation features they are seeking, even if their application ends up being rejected. 

Once the application is submitted, it is impossible to cancel a feature being requested, though it will be possible to modify said feature or increase the number of accreditation features sought. 

Modifications will be accepted only if they do not imply a reduction of the amount of money to be paid and have been requested prior to the delivery of the accreditation or the deadline for registering for specific competency tests.

Applicants shall pay for the recognition of a subject that has never been recognised before, though UNEDassis’s final decision may be negative.


By and large, the reasons for fee refunds are provided in Articles 12 and 27.5 of the Law on Public Fees.

Applicants can get a refund only in the following cases:

  • Duplicate payment
  • Overpayment
  • Failure by UNEDasiss to provide the service requested.
  • The student does not meet the minimum requirement to apply to university
  • The student passes away

The fees paid for administrative services shall in no circumstances be refunded.

All refund requests shall be submitted by email at and will be processed once the application period comes to an end. 

The following reasons shall in no circumstances lead to a refund:

  • Missing an exam
  • The destination university does not require certain services or does not recognise UNEDasiss accreditations.
  • The services requested are not necessary.
  • The services requested have been denied.
  • The applicant has failed to provide outstanding documents after having been asked to do so.